Versatile Scent Curation

With over 25 years of combined technical experience and ability, FIA are proud to supply application specific fragrances. Whatever your specific application request, we will be able to find the best solution for your needs.

Designer Fragrance Oil for Candles


An extremely complex system to design and formulate, candles are unquestionably one of the fastest growing applications within the fragrance industry. With our vast experience and industry knowledge, FIA continues to excel in developing fragrances that are specifically suited to candles that result in both optimal hot and cold throw.

Fragrance Oil for Reed Diffusers

Air Care

FIA provides curated, customised solutions for all your air care needs and we excel at both the creation and adaptation of scents. The market has seen a resurgence in popularity of air fresheners and systems. This upward trend is enhancing all facets of our lifestyle such as in our homes, travel (cars, buses, aeroplanes etc), workplaces and leisure activities (retail shops, cafes, public spaces such as libraries etc). FIA have expertise in developing fragrances for many applications including; electric diffuser systems, reed diffusers, air conditioning systems and wax melts.

Personal Care Management

When we curate a scent for your product, FIA is aware that it is imperative to pay equal attention to both stability and performance. When developing the fragrance, it is critical to meet the ever-expanding regulatory guidelines for health and safety worldwide. With these in mind, FIA has extensive experience, and up-to-date industry knowledge, with facial and body care products.

Cleaning Products/ Industrial

We are proud to develop scents that stand up to the rigid regulatory, stability, and environmental requirements needed for various cleaning products in all pH values. Whether it’s consistent performance, colour, scent, or all three combined, we provide the very best solutions for our clients with our industry expertise.

Toll Manufacturing

FIA offers toll fragrance manufacturing and customises this to each clients needs upon request.

Fragrance Analysis

We offer many aspects of analytical work using Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) technology, from recreating a perfume target to analysing a fragrance.

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