Fragrance Oils and Scents for Soap Making in Australia

Wholesale Fragrance Oils for Soap Making

A soap without a fragrance is like an apple without crunch! Scented soaps have the ability to freshen people up in the morning or bask in soothing smells after a long and tiring day. Of course, you want your soap bars to smell luxurious and charm customers with gorgeous aromas they won’t find anywhere else.

Turning a plain bar of soap into a premium aromatic product is easy with Fragrance Innovation Australia. Our custom fragrance oils are highly concentrated and never diluted, providing your soaps with unique scents that go beyond the typical.

As a trusted soap fragrance oil manufacturer in Australia, our fragrances are specially designed to create personalised soap scents that indulge to your vision. Whether you want to offer a delightful shower time treat with classic favourites such as Lavender and Vanilla or provide an aroma reminiscent of a day at the beach – we can craft a designer fragrance for you.

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Benefits of Our Fragrance Oils for Soap Making

Fragrance Oil for Soaps and Laundry Powder

When we curate fragrance oils for the soap making industry in Australia, we pay equal attention to both performance and stability. When curating scents, we make sure to meet the ever-expanding regulatory guidelines for health and safety – assuring you of products that smell good and feel good on the skin.

Our fragrance oils also offer the following benefits:

  • Broad Range of Aromas: We offer fragrance oils in a wide selection of scents, allowing you access to create wonderful fragrant creations such as apple spice or lavender and pine.
  • Custom Designer Fragrances: Want a unique aroma for a bath soap? We customise specific oils to create original and memorable scents that can only be found from your brand. Whether you want to replicate the scent of a forest after rainfall or craft the aroma of espresso to perk customers up in the shower — we can turn your dream soap into a reality.
  • Long Shelf Life: All of our fragrance oils have an extended shelf life without spoiling. As they typically last longer than essential oils, you can produce gorgeous, aromatic scents for a longer period of time.

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Why Choose Fragrance Innovation?

For over 25 years, Fragrance Innovation Australia has been a trusted name in the fragrance oils industry in Australia. We spare no effort to maintain the high quality of our fragrance oils, supplying the finest scents at honest, competitive wholesale prices. Our customers range from boutique brands to some of the biggest names in the industry, both locally and abroad.

Whether soap making is your profession or passion, we offer the best fragrance oils to suit your needs. Speak with our team today for wholesale fragrance oils perfect for soap making.

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