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Offering a vast selection of fragrance oils, Fragrance Innovation Australia also brings you some of the finest eco friendly reed diffuser bases specifically designed to add custom fragrance scents to your products. Our scents are rich, complex and long-lasting – perfect for use in our reed diffuser bases.

All of our reed diffuser base formulas contribute pleasant scents to products and trigger positive associations or conjure positive memories with their aroma. The fragrances capture both unique and everyday scents – specially formulated to your specifications. Ocean breeze, baby powder, fresh linen or mountain rain – you name it and we’ll customise a unique scent just for you.

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Fragrance Oil for Reed Diffusers

Benefits of Our Reed Diffuser Base Formula

In creating a designer diffuser line, it is the compelling power of your custom fragrance that will reel customers in and keep them coming back for more. As a trusted provider of reed diffuser base for wholesale purchase, Fragrance Innovation Australia ensures that each fragrance you order from us speaks to your brand’s identity. Our expert perfumers skillfully create scents that represent your vision — turning your dream fragrance into a reality.

  • Extensive Selection of Aromas: We offer reed diffuser bases formulated to be suitable with a broad range of scents, allowing you to create personalised products – whether it’s the refreshing scent of a walk through a pine forest after rainfall or the nostalgic aroma of a summer breeze blowing through freshly cleaned laundry.
  • Custom Designer Scents: Want a unique fragrance for your reed diffuser? We’re experts in creating fragrance oils for an original and memorable fragrance experience only found from your brand.
  • Long Shelf Life: Produce beautiful, aromatic products without worrying about volatility and unsatisfactory evaporation rates.

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Fragrance Innovation Australia is the leading wholesale supplier of fragrance oils and reed diffuser base formulas in Australia. With an unwavering commitment to offering the highest quality products and a steadfast love for what we do, we supply the finest fragrances at the most competitive prices. We serve a wide range of loyal clientele – from boutique brands to many of the largest and most popular names in the aromatherapy industry.

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