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World-Class Designer Fragrance Oils

Fragrance Innovation has an extensive fragrance library created by a selection of world-class perfumers. With our focus on innovative fragrance customisation, you’re sure to capture a unique aroma that reflects your vision.

From classic favourites such as Fresh Linen and Lavender to niche oils that allow you to replicate the smell of rain or the ocean, we’ve got it all for you. Our wholesale premium grade fragrance oils are suitable for hard and liquid soaps, candles, diffusers, sprays, laundry, home scenting projects and many more!

Make your products stand out with bespoke, signature fragrances from Fragrance Innovation today.

Customisable Fragrance Oil for Candles

Applications for Wholesale Fragrance Oils

As one of the trusted leading fragrance oil suppliers in Australia, we are proud to supply bulk application-specific fragrances. Whatever your unique application request, by working with us, you will find the best solution for your needs from our selection and expertise.


Fragrance Oil for Candles

Our fragrance oils for candles are formulated using the best natural and synthetic aromatic ingredients created by scientific methods of formulation. All of our scents are created to perform in your chosen candle wax or gel.

soap and bath tub

Fragrance Oil for Soap

Our fragrance oils are a soap maker’s dream come true. Not only are they tantalising scents perfect for making soaps from scratch, but they also prevent you from struggling with separation, acceleration or discoloration. They’re perfect for creating soap, hard or liquid, that are effective and smell great!

Fragrance Oil for Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffuser Base

Specially formulated by our perfumers, our eco friendly reed diffuser bases achieve quick reed flow to enhance scent throw whilst maintaining balanced evaporation rates to mix wonderfully with our fragrance oils creating an aroma that envelopes an entire room.

Our Three Step Approach to Launching Fragrance

Taking Inspiration from Your Vision

Think about your perfect perfume. Think of its base notes, heart notes and top notes. When combined together, what do they smell like? Do they smell like exotic fruits, romantic florals or the freshness of pine? Or maybe you would describe your perfume as a ``walk through the beach with the salty sea breeze in your hair?``


Based on the inspiring and descriptive brief you provide, our master perfumers will use their expertise and creativity to develop an original fragrance, unique to you. From there, we accommodate revisions based on your suggestions or feedback. This means you are directly involved in the creative process of creating a fragrance that's personal and completely customised to your taste.

Final Production

Once your fragrance is finalised, we scale production to fulfil your orders, with the capability to supply your fragrance in batches of 20kg through to 10 tonne! We then package them and deliver them to your door via our specialist courier. When your order is complete, you now have your own custom-made fragrance, ready for addition into your final product.

The more visceral the description, the better. It’s exactly what we need to customise the perfect fragrance for you as we want to bring your dream scent to life. We will work closely with you to hone and refine it, using the fragrant picture you paint and the individual notes you desire. Add a spark to your candle, soap or reed diffuser product line today!

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Why Choose Fragrance Innovation?

The team within Fragrance Innovation has been innovatively curating fragrances with over 25 years of expertise, precision and care. Our passionate and dedicated team works hard to lovingly turn your scent vision into a reality. We are proud to be the choice supplier of the most outstanding brands in the constantly evolving and always exciting fragrance industry, both here and abroad.

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